About me

I have 6 years experience working for one of Scotland's most successful Investment Management firms and sat FSA exams to qualify me for Investment Management. I then retrained as a Chartered Surveyor in order to be able to apply my investment experience to the commercial property industry. Once I had completed my training as a Commercial Practice Surveyor with Montagu Evans in Edinburgh I found an interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. So I decided to use my experience of commercial building to train as an RICS certified Commercial Energy Assessor with a view to producing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and being able to advice clients on energy saving. (more about EPCs)

The latter qualification enables me to offer a more complete service to clients when marketing property which, over and above the usual agency services, will include the provision of the required Energy Performance Certificate if requested.

Alternatively, I currently work alongside several Commercial Agents as well as solicitors to provide EPCs for their clients at a very competetive price.

EPCs will be mandatory for all* property transactions in Scotland which conclude
after 4th January 2009 and will be required prior to marketing a property where possible. Almost unlimited fines may be imposed on vendors or landlords who do not produce an EPC on request (further information on this will be available on this website soon).  I therefore feel it is essential that this forms an integral part of the marketing process.

I am also experienced in and able to offer more traditional Commercial Practice
services such as agency, rent review negotiation and property asset management.

*Please see the page on Energy Performance for exceptions to this.

CAMPBELL A W WILLIAMSON  BSc(Hons) MSc MRICS        E: mail@campbellwilliamson.co.uk

Chartered Surveyor & Commercial Energy Performance Assessor