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Commercial Property Agency

As an agent I would hope to offer advice on the sale, purchase, leasing or letting of a property, providing opinion on value and suggesting alternatives for consideration and comparison. I have a broad range of experience buying, selling, leasing and letting properties from all sectors both for clients and my own properties but specialising in secondary retail across the central belt between Edinburgh and Glasgow inclusive.

Rent Review Negotiation

I have experience in negotiating rent reviews for both tenants and landlords which will ensure that you get the best possible outcome from the process. My knowledge of the commercial property market includes most of central Scotland, the Lothians and the Borders as well as Inverness and Aberdeen.

This is a difficult time to try and ascertain a market rent for many properties and the services of a Chartered Surveyor, like myself, would be highly recommended.

Property Asset Management
I currently manage several multi-million pound commercial property portfolios, consisting mainly of shops. This role involves negotiating rent reviews, agreeing new rent levels and confirming letting strategies. This year has also brought the worry of bankruptcy to many of the tenants and has required careful negotiation with these tenants to ensure that the portfolio continues to perform well while maintaining full occupancy where possible.

In the past I have also successfully managed other large portfolios which were subsequently sold after achieving full market rent on every unit.


Chartered Surveyor